UUS MUDEL talv 2017 - General Tire Grabber Artic SUV naelrehvid

GENERAL TIRE GRABBER ARTIC talverehvid maasturitele



UUS MUDEL 2017! Maasturitele spetsiaalselt mõeldud talverehv kõrgema ohutuse tagamiseks kõige külmematel talvetingimustes!


  • Ohutu jääl pidurdamisel

  • Parendatud pidurdustõhusus

  • Meeldivalt sujuv ja vaikne sõitmine

  •     Tri-star tehase originaalnaast

Toodetud Continentali tehases! Made in Germany!


Peagi saadaval meie e-poes!



Safety when braking on ice

  • A special stud design ensures improved traction, ideal cornering and excellent braking , even on icy roads.

  • The tyre remains stable in winter weather and keeps the vehicle safely on track when braking and on ice.


Snow braking

Improved braking performance on snow

  • The tread pattern features numerous block edges, sipes extending into the middle and a high number of gripping edges.

  • The specially shaped sipes enable the tread to pick up large amounts of snow.

  • This results in good lateral adhesion and has a positive impact on braking performance on snow.




Vaata lisa: http://generaltire.com/tires/winter/grabber-arctic