Leao Winter Defender Grip

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Leao Winter Defender Grip on Hiina suurrehvitootja Shandong Linglong Tire LTd poolt toodetavad soodusklassi naastrehvid. Leao Winter Degender Grip naelrehvide tootmisel on kasutatud Goodyear UltraGrip Ice Artic mustri omadusi. Rehvide arendustöös on peetud silmas kõige karmimaid põhjamaiseid talveolusid. Suunaga turvisemuster, mille eeliseks on rehvi ja teekatte kontaktpinnalt kiirelt eemaldada lumi ja vesi, vähendades seeläbi libisemise või vesiliu tekke võimalust. Erinevalt enamikust Hiina rehvi analoogidest on rehvidel tehasenaelutus, samuti kasutatakse Soome tunnustatud tootja OY Tikka naaste ja tehnoloogiat. Rehvide arendustöö ja testimine toimib koostöös Ivalo TestWorld’iga Lapimaal. Tarbijale, kes soovib soodsa hinnaga häid rehve!


OSTA Leao Winter Defender Grip  REHVID SIIT!


Leao rehvid


Leao rehvid



LEAO is a top tyre brand that guarantees low price, top quality and 100% reliability. LEAO tyres are highly economical and satisfy the requirements and desires of all types of motorists perfectly. On all types of surfaces and under all weather conditions, LEAO tyres prove their value.

LEAO is now internationally recognised as the most budget-friendly quality tyre. The lion in the logo reflects exactly what it’s all about: the excellent, nearly “royal” capabilities provided by LEAO tyres.



  • Guaranteed low price
  • Extremely economical performance
  • Reliability and proven quality
  • Suitable for all surfaces and all types of weather


Leao Winter Defender Grip  - a state-of-the-art studded winter tyre made for the Nordic winter

Developed and tested in Ivalo. Leao Winter Defender Grip  is a new top-quality winter tyre developed especially for harsh Nordic winter conditions. The tyre has been developed and tested in the ultimate winter conditions of Lapland. The tests have been made in the world famous winter tyre testing centre Ivalo Test World. By testing many different compounds and structures in real Nordic winter, Linglong has been able to create a studded tyre that you can rely on even in the most difficult winter climate.

Factory studded with Finnish Tikka studs using fully automatic studding machines manufactured by A-Technic. For maximum traction on ice, Leao Winter Defender Grip  is equipped with Finnish Tikka studs. As for quality, Tikka Spikes Ltd has been the global leader in stud manufacturing ever since the company developed the world's first tyre studs in the 1950's. The stable quality of studding is guaranteed by using fully automatic studding machines manufactured by the Finnish company A-Technic and representing the latest in studding technology.

Excellent test results

In the development of the Leao Winter Defender Grip  tyre, two tyres were chosen as comparison products: the then market leader Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7, which had scored the highest points in most tyre tests, and Hankook Winter I*Pike. The aim was to create a tyre which would, in terms of performance, fall somewhere between these two quality tyres and beat them clearly in the value for money.

The tests were conducted by Test World, the world's leading winter tyre testing centre located in Ivalo, Finland and famous, for example, for tyre tests conducted for the Finnish magazine Tekniikan Maailma (Engineering World). According to the test results, Linglong did extremely well among its high-quality competitors. The tests measured grip in braking on four different surfaces: snow, ice, wet and dry. Linglong was at least second on every surface, beating Hankook on three out of four and Nokian on two out of four surfaces. Overall, it could even be said that Linglong was the best one among these three top quality tyres, and, given its considerably lower price, there remains no doubt that Linglong offers the best value for money in comparison with its competitors.

Trust Finnish winter tyre testing and choose Leao Winter Defender Grip  for safety!